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2012年12月6日 星期四

LAST vSAT!! #17

Trepidation (n) - kind of being fear or afraid of something. I really couldn't find a way to memorize this word, but I found a GIF that fits this word 100%, and I think that GIF is cool! :D 

Ubiquitous (adj) - nothing special, a thing that you can see or buy anywhere you go. Ambiguous is the first that went into my mind when I look at this SAT word. Ambiguous means not clear, so how I memorize this word is by thinking that “for me, I’m not clear why there are things that are same everywhere”

Unwieldy (adj) - way toooooo big, super heavy, and very hard to handle. Is there a word called unwide?? And means not wide?? If there is, I can easily connect it to this word unwieldy. If you are unwide, then you cant win a super heavy person when you’re in a fight with him.  

Usurp (v) - to steal, take things that doesn't belong to us. If you read this word faster, it 
will kind of sound like “you suck”, so I’ll connect it with usurp by thinking that only people 
that sucks will steal things or take things that doesn’t belong to us!

Venerable (adj) - honorable. This word is a cool word for me, because I remember last year when I’m taking a suffixes and prefixes class, we have a test book, and I don't know why I’ll always turn to the page that has the word venerable unintentionally, so I had a very strong memory of this word. 

Vindicate (v) - to defend, and say what is right. Indicate means to express your feelings, or show. And vindicate means to defend, and say what’s right. So you can use this way to memorize, We shouldn't vindicate (defend) when other people are indicating (expressing themselves) them self to us.

Visage (n) - facial, appearance. If you read this word faster, then this word might sounds like “this age”. How I memorize this word is by thinking in this age, ladies thinking that their appearances are even more important than their interior, lots of Korean girls will go do lots of plastic surgeries and other medicine to make them more beautiful or keep them young, it’s kind of stupid for me, because I think that a person’s connotation is more important than the outlook.

Wallow (v) - just trying to be happy. Is this word swallow’s brother or sister????  They look so alike!!  Anyways, when I’m bored in Mr. Caldwell’s class, I can’t play games on my iPad or use Facebook, so I’ll swallow my saliva to make myself happy and awake. 

Wary (adj) - watch out of something, something in danger and needs to be check once 
and a while. Vary means change, wary means watch out. These words are like cousins too. The way that I memorize this word is by thinking we need to wary the varies that’s gonna happen in the next second. 

Zeal (n) enthusiasm, present our love to other people. Seal is a very cute animal that lives in very cold places. The best way for us to present our love to them is to save the earth by drive less, eat more vegetable than eat meat, stop cutting trees… etc.