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2012年11月2日 星期五


novice (n) - a person that’s new to something.  Novice looks like the word “notice” so when a person that just has “notice” to do something, he/she gotta be new on that thing.

obliged (v) - forced to do something. I know this word already, so I brought a cool GIF!! :DDD  

Obtuse (adj) - the first time I saw this word is in Geometry class! Mr.s Burkett said obtuse means an angle that’s 90 degrees above, also can say it as blunt. 
omniscient (adj) - know EVERYTHING. A great example of a omniscient person is God, he knows everything that will happen in the next second, how I memorize this word is this,  the 2nd half of this word looks like silent, so when we the environment is quiet and silent, then we can hear what God’s gonna tell us! And of course, it will help me link to the word omniscient. 

onerous (adj) - annoying!!  Generous is the first word that when I look at this word, so when you met a generous person always want to buy things for you in every hour, you will feel ANNOYING!! Which is the word onerous!! 

Ostentatious (adj) - attract other people’s attention, to pretend. This picture that I found on Google is a ostentatious act. When a person that wants to buy a boat, it usually means that he/she wants to show off to other people, and attract other people’s attention.

parched (v) - you feeling dry in your body. I think how I memorize this word is so cool, this word looks like parachute to me, so when I'm flying down from a parachute, I'll feel parched. 

Penultimate (adj) - the second when counting backwards. Almost the last. This word is mixed together by pen and ultimate. But seriously, I really don't know how to connect to penultimate. So I just memorize it. 

poignant (adj) - sharp. This word looks like pregnant to me, and of course! Pregnant will make me connect to Mrs. Burkett!! And Mrs. Burkett’s stomach is also sharp, big, and round, so that’s the reason that I will connect to this word!

Precocious (adj) - a boy/girl that looks like, and acts like a person that’s way older than her/his current age, like my cousin, she’s only 9, but the way that she always talk is like 14 years old girl, because she’s too precocious, she doesn’t like childish things, for example, spongbob, cinnamon roll, and all other cute kid dolls, but her sister is different, when she’s in my younger cousin’s age, she LOVES those cartoon things, so anywazzzzzz, I know this word already! But I still brought a cool pic! :D

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