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2012年11月30日 星期五

vSAT #16

Substantiate-(v) to verify, get something proofed. PROVE IT! One of my teacher loves to say this word when us the students said something to him, it’s annoying, because we always need to think of how to prove it, but it’s sometimes interesting that we can think more about the questions that we asked. So I found a picture that I think it fits him 100%!

Subtle-(adj) hard to figure out. Subtitle is the first word that come into my brain, when you watch a japanese movie, and there’s no subtitle, I dont think ANYONE that’s not japanese can figure out what’s the movie is talking about, so I’ll connect this word to subtle, which is hard to figure out.

Sufficient-(adj) enough about something. I LUVVVVVV this gif! It made my laugh around 1 minute. It shows how pictures are not enough when compare to GIF. There’s a word that I know before it sounds like sufficient, but it’s not the word sufficient, I forgot the spelling of it, and the word that I said means fast and speedy. So I’ll connect it to this word via when people are doing things rapidly, then other people will be enough of it!

Superficial-(adj) people that only look at other people’s outlook, instead of their interior. Super facial are the words that I taught of. So when a person only looks at other people’s “facial” (face, outlook), then that person is a superficial guy. I found a pic that represents how people will act when they saw a beautiful lady. 

Superfluous-(adj) kinda like not necessary needed. This word looks like super flower to me, in our lifes, we need lot of things, some are necessary, and some are not, but one thing that I can be very sure of is that we 100% do not need a super beautiful flower in our lives, it’s useless. So I’ll link these 2 words together. :D

Taciturn-(adj) a very silent person, doesn't really talk. Timmy Lu, Michael Lee, Jonathan Halperin, Steven Tien & most handsome guy KEVIN CHIEN. MAN!!! These people are the “most” taciturn people in TAPA. They “never talk” in school! I found a pic of what they “always act” when they’re in school. (it’s a joke)

Tactful-(adj) knows how to say no in a more beautiful way. It’s hard to say no to people, because you might think that it will hurt their feelings or hurt the relationship between u and them, so I think being tactful is a good thing that we should learn. So in this time, you need to be tact, which means smart and think fast, so you can handle the situation, and solve the awkwardness of you saying “NO!”

Tangent-(adj) touching a point on a intersect, a point that can never be changed. I just saw this word in our geometry textbook. There’s a problem that has the word tangent in it, how I memorize this word is by separating this word into 2 parts, one is tan, and one is ur”gent”. So when I’m on the beach, and mi starting to get tan, and what I’ll do is I’ll urgently find a place that has intersection of cliffs or trees, so there will be shadows for keeping me away from the sun. 

Tenacious-(adj) tough, be strong. Ten actions are the words that I taught of. So as the picture has shown, there are 8 actions, (sorry I cant find 10 actions), Anyways, I’ll call a person tenacious when he can do ten actions in 5 seconds, kinda weird way to remember, but I made it! XD

Transient-(adj) last for a very short moment, a very fast time. Transcend is a company that makes USB, memory cards, and other electric things. So I’ll use transcend to memorize transient by thinking that their thinks SUCKS! Only can use for a very short moment. (which is not true)