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2012年11月15日 星期四

vSAT #14

Rancor (n) - hatred, anger!  I found this cool gif is about a guy that’s dancing weirdly??? And it represents haters gonna hate it! How I memorize this word is by reading this word faster, so it will sound like “dancer” and which I can connect to this gif! :D

Recession (n) - economic depression, decrease, decline. Look at this guy, I don’t think ANYONE can be more depressed than him, he looks like that he just gone through a fight with his girlfriend, got caught because of plagiarizing other people’s work, and using FB in school at the SAME TIME! I think he needs to “re” “decision” means re-think what he should do next time, so he wont be that depressed again! 
Reclusive (n) - living in a place that’s in the deep mountains. I found a pic that’s a house in the deep mountains, there are actually more pics that’s similar to this pic, and it makes me wanna actually live in this kind of house in the future! How I memorize the is by separating this word into parts, re means again; clu, makes me think of clue, so if there’s a clue, and you really should re-think again.


Reconciliation (n) - make something compatible with something. INCOMPATIBLE??? Duh~~ of course are Apple and Windows! I really think that they should collaborate and make one device, program, or app, because there are things that I like from Apple and Windows too, but I couldn't use them in the same time! So I think they should “re” “collaborate” (looks like collaborate for me) and create a new invention! :D 

Redress (n) - recover from injury when doing a sport or anything. This poor guy… he might cannot do lifts in the future, Red Dress are 2 words that’s in this word, and well, I still haven't find out a way to memorize this word… so I just memorized it by memory :/ 

Renovation (n) - restore! Fixed, get better, renew! Look at this sexy car! Bright, new, and clean! I WILL drive my car to the cleaning place, and clean it twice a week! I LUVVVV shinny things, so I will want my car to be shinny and looking new too! :DD  Re evolution are the words that can help me memorize renovation, and how I use them is by thinking that my car can have a new looking or developing by renewing my car! 

Resilient (adj) - restore, recover to the original. iCloud is the best cloud that save things for us whenever we needa restore or revert our devices to original. 

Restrained (v) - control, being limited of something.  Being controlled! As the pic that I’ve found, it shows that cars have speed limits when driving on road. So if cars have limits, us human being has it too, we need to control ourselves and limit the things that we can and cannot do.

Rhetoric (n) - use words in a fluent or fixed way. How should I explain this word???????  Does it mean that we need to make others dont understand what we want to express?? :OO  but anyway, I found a pic that might represents this word. 

Romance (n) - be romantic!  I dont know how to explain this word too, because this word’s definition is still the word romantic! So I found a picture that’s romantic for me, “I don’t want to be near you for the thoughts we share but words we never have to speak” ISNT IT ROMANTIC???  Well… I think it is XDDD  hope I have a chance to say these words and walk on the beach with my girlfriend or wife! :DD