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2012年11月9日 星期五

vSAT #13

Pretentious (adj) - important to someone!  This girl in the gif is saying that the guy that she’s looking at is important. How I memorize this word is by separating this word into 2 parts. The first half of the word looks like pretend, so I’ll just connect it as I’ll pretend that he/she is important to me! :D  simple and easy to connect them! :DD

Procrastinate (v) - to delay something. How I connect this word is by looking at the middle of this word, which is the word crast (looks like air”craft”) so of course, airplanes ALWAYS DELAY!! Often makes me crazy! So I brought a pic of aircraft delay.

Profligate (adj) - wasting something that is not necessary. Flight gate is the word that I think of when I look at this word. EVERY TIME when I walk through the path between the gate and the airplane, it’s ALWAYS so cold! I think it’s soooooooo waste of money! So I brought a pic that represents it!

Provocative (adj) - talk talk talk  ALWAYS talking! Annoying!!  A person that’s “PRO” at active, then must be very annoying and noisy. I have a friend that’s always talking, he’s not mentally challenged, but just LOVES to talk, most of the times I feel that he’s funny, but sometimes he’s just toooooo noisy== so I’ll be annoyed by him.

Prudent (adj) - being carful of something or someone. Prudential Award is a award that we can apply for the community service hours that we did! So I’ll connect it to when we are being careful and helping people, then we will win this award! 

Pugnacious (adj) - FIGHT!! Pig is the word that I think of when I look at this word, I heard that pig will always make themselves dirty in the mud, and then fight with other pigs, so that’s why I’ll think of fight can connect to pig. 

Quadrant (n) - 1/4 of a circle  I almost heard this word every time in last year’s Algebra 2 class, so this word was like tattooed into my brain already, but anyway, I found a cool pic!

 Quixotic (adj) -  super romantic.  Quit toxic are 2 words that I think of, so when there’s a accident of a disaster, and there’s a couple in that accident, and when that boy is trying to make those toxic away, then I think its super romantic!  Haha  :DDD  such a cool way to memorize. 
Quantitative (adj) - an amount that can be counted. Quantity is the word that I feel they are alike, sos of course quantity means amount, so quantitative means an amount that can be counted! So I found a pic that represents it!

Querulous (adj) - keep on complaining!! If you look at the letters Q, ulous, u will know that it sounds like “curious” so when a person is keep on BLAH BLAH BLAH ing, then you will be curious of why the heck is he/she keep complaining! 

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