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2012年11月23日 星期五

SAT!! #15

Sagacity - a person full of knowledge, and knows everything, but he/she is not a genius of a smart person when he/she was born. I separate this word into 2 parts, one is saga, and one is city, I believe anyone that has a Nintendo device will know there’s a company called “Sega” their games are soooooo fun, especially race car games and build city games, so I’ll connect it to this word, which means only knowledgable people are capable to make these games.

Sanguine - optimistic, and always think healthy and happy. I really dunno how to memorize this word, so I just memorize it by its looking. I found this cool pic that shows how healthy and optimist you can be when your old or sick.

Sans - without….. Vans is the first word that I think of when I look at this word, I’m actually not a big fan of Vans, but one of my friends is, he’s like IN LOVE with Vans, as I know, he had at least 10 Vans in his house, for me, that’s crazy, so for him, without Vans is like telling him to go die. 

Schadenfreude - be happy, but it’s in a way that makes people want to hit them! When a person pronounces  the word “schadenfreude” wrong on the stage , he/she is already very embracing  and you still laugh at him/her, that’s schadenfreude!   RUDE!!!!!!   (best GIFs ever on earth!!)

Scrutinize - carefully checked. First part of this word “scru” sounds like the word “screw”, so when a person doesnt want other people to say “screw you!” to himself/herself, then he/she should carefully check if there’s any mistake that he/she did.    (I love this GIF that I found!)

Shrewd - sharp, clever, and understand a lot.  “Shrewd”, if you read it slow, it actually does sounds like “she screw you”, so if you dont want anyone to screw you(which doesnt really make any sense) but anywayzzzzzzzzzz, then u need to be sharp and clever.   I need to think of better explanation of this and the last word :O

Sovereignty - a person that’s like a King, Queen, or boss, they have rights to control people’s life or future things. I found a pic of Kim Jong-Il, the North Korean leader. His rule is very easy, you follow what he says, then u live; u dont, u die. Dont be like him when you grow up!!! AIN’T COOL!

Spontaneity - to approach automatically, when people want to fart, they WON’T pull off their pants and fart, cuz it’s weird, people will just do things naturally. When you sleep, you will want to yawn; when you are hapy, you will want to laugh, it’s a natural thing that people will do to represent how they feel. So I found a great GIF that’s funny, and by the way, I dont think a “normal” cat will do that……….

Spurious - MADE IN CHINA!! (fake) FAKE LV bags, FAKE ROLEX watches, even FAKE BMW cars!!!  ALL THOSE CAN BE MADE AND SALE IN CHINA. I was seriously shocked when I see a fake BMW in china -______- it was just unbelievable! How I memorize this word is by looking at the first 2 letters of this word, it’ll make me think of the word stupid, so only stupid people will fake up a fake BMW-________-

Submissive - to follow, and be ready to do things. Submit is the first word that I thought of when I look at this word, and of course, when I heard of the word submit, I will think of Mr. Caldwell’s US History class, we need to submit homework via moodle almost single day, so I’ll know that submissive means the follow, and to be ready to submit or do anything! :D