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2012年10月28日 星期日

What are Psychopath and Sociopath?

When Mrs. Webb is talking about Psychopath and Sociopath, I learned that Psychopath and Sociopath are all mentally things that people will do to one and another. BUT psychopath is more likely to mind, and sociopath is about social. Psychopath’s behavior is more like people that will think things in a very weird way. They think A LOT, but are ways that doesn’t make sense, where sociopath, it’s antisocial, people in this category.
Psychopath CARES about what people think of them when they do something, so every time when they do something, they will think a lot of results of what people will think of them, then they will do what they want to do.
Sometimes I feel like people will think I’m a psychopath, because I sometimes will think too much too, but AM I REALLY A PSYCHOPATH??  My mom always tell me to be careful when I’m outside or not beside them, she always tell me to think whether what my friends tell me to do is right or wrong, no matter is go to the library and read, eat stinky tofu in class, or take drugs. But I don’t think these thinking are psychopath, because there are normal thinking for me.

(by the way, Mrs. Webb is SO AWESOME!) extra credit??  hahahahaha XDD

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