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2012年10月14日 星期日

vSAT #9!!

 Impute (v)– a property. Maybe attribute is a better synonym for impute?? Anywazz, how I memorize this word is like this, I separate this word into 2 parts, one is “in” and one is “put”, so I kind of think of put in, like put it back, which is like attribute something.
Incompatible (adj)– to NOT fit with something. “In” means not, and compatible means to not fit with something. APPLE iPhone 5 is the first incompatible thing that came into my head; the USB charger, it was a 30-pin cable, but now, it’s 8! I feel like it’s very stupid to change the size of it, because we need to buy more 8-pin cable or adapters to charge our phone.

Inconsequential (adj)– irrelevant, nothing do with the subject that we are talking about right now. “in” means no, “con” mostly means together, so when 2 things are not together, then they must be some kind of incompatible, or irrelevant, so that’s how I memorize this word! 

 Inevitable (adj)– no ways to stop a thing or a situation. The movie “Unstoppable” is a inevitable movie, it’s a movie that’s talking about a train that’s unstoppable, but the main character of this movie is trying to avoid that train to affect or hurt anyone that’s innocent.

Inflation (n)– to increase the prize of something. First word that came into my mind, YUP! It’s infraction sheet, I just got one from Ms. Hannah, because I was speaking Chinese -_______-   I HATE infraction sheets, just like I HATE inflation, so I’ll connect these 2 words together whenever I looked at it.

Innocuous (adj)– harmless, non-toxic. How we say this word is in out q lus, so I’ll think of when a thing or anything that goes in and out functionally, then I must be a perfect thing, which ill connect it to harmless and non-toxic.

Integrity (n)– honesty. The very first part and the very last part of this word is “in” and grity” which sounds like greedy, so I’ll think of a person is in (which means not) greedy, then that must be an honest guy!

Intrepid (adj)– fearless.  When you want to take a picture in a place that’s dangerous, you need to have a “tripod” (which sounds like in”trepid”) to hold your camera, and keep you fearless about whether the camera will drop or not! (I’m creative, I know XDDDD)

Intuitive (adj)– In Taiwan, we call this NO.6 feeling, which is a feeling or thought that first come into our mind when we look at something. 

Ironic (adj)– sarcasm!!!! I DISLIKE irony people, but there are LOTS of people that always will make some sarcasm jokes which are not funny at all. The way I memorize this word is like this! I’ll use “iron” to burn them if they make fun of me! Haha XDD

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