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2012年10月23日 星期二

vSAT #11

Longevity (n) – live long. When I look at this word at first, I feel like this word means long live, because it just looks like it, so I go to and search it, and guess what I find out!!??  YES! This word means live long. So of course, this word is easy for me to memorize.

Malevolent (adj) – evil, wanting to make people get it trouble. It’s a hard word to explain, but how I memorize this word is like this, separate them into 2 parts, which are male & violent, so then I can connect them to the definition evil.

Malignant (adj) – a disease. This word is kind of similar to malevolent, because they are all some kind of bad thing. I remember that when I first saw this word was last year in Mr. Harper’s Biology class, He taught us about Malignant Cancer and Benign Cancer. I actually don’t really have a way of memorizing it, because I know this word pretty well already.

Mandate (n) – command, authorize. When a “man” gave you a “date”, 80% will be that he command you, and give you a report to do. In this picture that I find, it’s representing a dentist that is wanting to fix a guy’s teeth, or maybe wanting to check if this kid have fever, but unfortunately, this kid refuse to open his mouth, and even the police came, so the police is commanding this kid to open his mouth.

Meme (n) – things happened and spread by a person in the past. Mama! Is the first word that I think of when I look at this word. How I memorize this word is very simple, but weird, IF my mom was the first person invented gangnam style, then she’ll be a lady that created a new thing that everyone will start to sing and dance.   (here’s a link of gangnam style)

Mundane (adj) – common, boring. What’s BORING?? Yes, it’s when there’s a traffic for 20 kilometers. So I found a cool picture of how this baby feel when he’s bored in his car. By the way, he’s so cute!

Nadir (n) – lowest point of something. Nadir Shah is a great example of this word, but I can’tthink of any connections between them, so I decide to not use this person from the story that we are reading right now, which is “The Kite Runner”. So I used a tennis player called Rafael Nadal, he’s the Top 3 player in the whole world, he always hits the ball fantastically, and he even can hit a ball well when the ball is very low to the ground, so I think he ROCKS! 

Nefarious (adj) – Evil. The second half of this word looks like furious which means ANRY! So when a person was hit or been abused by an evil person, then he must be angry, so that’s how I memorize and connect it!

Nepotism (n) – own relatives. Im not really sure what does this word mean, but I think this word means a relationship between a group, or our own relatives. How I memorize this word is link this word to Nephew, because I think it kind of looks like it, and the word nephew which means close relaitonship of mine’s.

Nonchalant (adj) – calm, indifferent. This word looks like non chat for me, so when a person is not chatting, then he/she might be calm and resting or doing homework, so that’s how I connect it!

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