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2012年10月21日 星期日

vSAT #10!

Jargon (n) - words that are used by professional people, includes words that are not easy to understand. I separate this word into 2 parts, which are Jar and Gun; a gun is in a jar??? That’s really not easy to understand, so I’ll link it with his word, Jargon.

Jeopardy (n) - things that are dangerous to do, or things that needs to take a risk to do. I know this word very well is because Mr. Caldwell ALWAYS plays this game before a test, and this game IS a game that needs to take a risk to play, so it’s very easy to memorize this word! :D  

Jubilation (n) – very happy to win a thing by yourself or a team. This word, jubilation sounds like Jailbreak, when I jailbreak a team game, and I win it, I’ll be very happy! So I’ll connect this word with jailbreak. 

Judicious (adj.) – wisely to do something.  My mom is called Judy, which sounds like the first part of this word, she’s the best mom ever! She always do things wisely, and always will think carefully before she decide something.

Jurisdiction (n) – a legal decision of someone or something. The last part of this word sound like dictation, so when a high-class perosn dictates something, then that must be a legal decision of something

Kibosh (n) - NONSENCE! Saying things that are not the truth. In the story “The Crusible”, Abigail is LIER! Abigail always say thing that are not true, and say it in a way that EVERYONE believed! 

Laconic (adj.) – say something simple and easy, but still clearly state what he/she wants to say. This word sounds like a brand called Lancôme, which is a cosmetic brand, their product is simple and easy, and VERY useful!

Languish (v) - torment, very week, ordeal. Don’t you think this word sounds like Vanquish???  Well, I do. When a thing is going to vanquish, and disappear quickly, maybe its life, maybe it’s your career, you will be very week, because you might give up on yourself, and think you are no hope! So I brought a lady and have cancer, hope she can get better :/

Largesse (n) – nice, and generous. One of my friend’s name is Jesse, which sounds like gesee “geea see”, so It’s actually very easy for me to memorize this word.

Lethargy (n) – feeling sleepy, dizzy. I know this word already, so I brought a cooooool picture!!  In this picture, this guy is very tired, which represents lethargy!

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  1. That basketball team is my favorite (University of Kansas). Awesome! 10/10