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2012年10月3日 星期三

vSAT #8!!!

 Gregarious (adj) – to be social. I like people that are very sociable, and I find out that people that looks better have more friends than the people that looks ugly… so when I look at this word, I will think of the word gorgeous; anyone looks gorgeous will have more friends, therefore, they will more sociable! :D

Hackneyed (adj) – very not fresh. How I memorize this word is like this: I’ll separate this word into 2 parts, one is hack, and one is neyed, I don’t know why this word just looks like garden for me -_____-   I HATE people that “hack” into my “garden”, so if anyone goes into my garden, I will put some not fresh fruits to punish them, either they step on it, or smell the rotten smell of it.

Harbinger (n) –things that was predicted. This word looks like hamburger to me, so i'll connect to it. And i connect it like this, i predict that i'll eat hamburger later in lunch.

Haughty (adj) – pride, arrogant. There's a singer called Chris Daughtry, which his last name looks like haughty, so how i memorize this word is i'll think that Chris Daughtry is a person that's haughty, which means that he prides a lot!

Hedonist (n) – people that just know how to play. i know this word already, so i brought a picture!! :D

Hegemony (n) -  having different levels of power, especially by one group or country. The first half part of hegemony sounds like the word "edge" for me, so if ur in a high edge of something, then u will be hegemony. that's how i memorize it.

Hubris (n) – brag! Thinking that he/she’s the best. i feel like this word is similar to haughty, and it's hard for me to know their differences, because they are all pride, so i still brought a cooooool pic of hubris! 

(by the way, i LOVVVVVVE this face) 

Hypocrite (n) – to fake up, and be a guy that complains a lot. DON'T be a hypocrite, because people hates it. I had a friend that's a hypocrite, if people did something wrong, he will go tell teacher, so my friend gave him a anonymous which is "hypo crap"  and that's seriously how i memorize this word… 

Impetuous (adj) – to rush, being a rude guy. This word looks like Impolite for me, so i will use the word impolite to connect to impetuous.

 Impunity (n) – a guy that did something wrong, but was not being punished. In Punish is how i memorize this word!  easy and quick!! 

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