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2012年10月5日 星期五

Finishing "The Pearl"

1. After Kino leaves Juana and Coyotito, he went to the trackers, but then the trackers decide to fire its gun, Kino was scared, so He stabbed one of the tracker, and then shoot another tracker right after it.

2. When they return to the town, they were actually not really happy, because they have experienced all those bad things, so when they came back to the town, Kino went to the beach, and threw the pearl back to the sea, but that pearl was really not a good thing, it's making his life worse....

3. It was a sad ending for me, Kino and Juana were DEFEATED! they were seriously sad when they got back to town; the pearl made them sick, at last, Coyotito was even chased by the thieves, and even get killed, Their parents told him to throw the pearls away, because it was really causing too much troubles. They even want to sale the Pearl, because they know it's a very expensive pearl, but  the salesman lied to them, said that the pearl was fake. Fortunately Kino and his brother knew the pearl was authentic,  so they didn't sold it to the salesman, and went to find other salesman in the city  looking for better prices to sell their pearl.

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