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2012年10月7日 星期日

Big Win Day 5!!! :'(

Day 5, I lied on my bed until the morning, because i really didn’t know what to do, I was crying beside my bed, thinking instead of be acting so show off, I should donate the money to the church first, and save the money, then maybe me and my family might won’t have this kind of bad situation. Well… I really got nothing to do, and I only have 23 minutes left, so I took the taxi to Taipei arena, waiting for the bad guys. I got off the taxi, and stared in front of Taipei Arena. 

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! A car screeched right in front of me breaking so hard that the car's wheel even burned. A Man pulled me into the car, covered my eyes with something black and spicy! They drove at least 2 hours up to a mountain place, and took my parents out of the other car, the bad guys counted the money that I had left, they were not happy, because that’s not the amount of money that they wanted, I heard screaming, torturing, and yelling out of the car, after 3 minutes, the bad guys took me out of the car, took the black and spicy thing out of my eyes, and I WAS SHOCKED! The only thing that I saw were 4 limbs laying on the ground, I can’t even imagine that this will happen, this really hurt my feelings, and I can’t stand this anymore, so I ran as fast as I can and jump down from the cliff, die with my parents… 

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  1. How did you die? How are you writing this diary, though? Still, awfully sloppy…

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