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2012年10月6日 星期六

Big Win Day 4

Saturday morning, I was very happy because my family and I will receive the money; I really didn't want to go to the tutor school, but my mom said that she will go to the bank and get it for me, so I went to the tutor happily. At lunchtime, my mom went to the tutor and told me that she got the money and showed me the money, it was just so cool! So I decided to start to buy things that I like very much, which are every iDevices, 4 Visvim bags and 8 shoes, and at least 50 Abercrombie t-shirts and pants. It was 11:00 P.M. I went to Jonathan Chiao's house and played with him the whole night; I was so excited and happy, and I already spent 200000NTD. 

3:00A.M.  MMMMMMMM…. MMMMMMMM.... MMMMMMM.... I feel the vibration that’s coming out of my phone when I was still playing mahjong at his house.

HEY! YOUR MOM AND DAD ARE WITH ME RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE 12 HOURS TO DO THIS! PREPARE 1500000NTD AND PUT IT AT THE NORTH DOOR OF TAIPEI ARENA’S, AND IF YOU CALL THE POLICE......... YOU WILL KNOW IT!!! I jumped out of my bed, so I quickly got the money; when I finished counting the money, I found out I just have 780000NTD, because I already spent 220000NTD on things that I like and foods, I don’t have the bad people’s telephone number, and I just have 10 hours left, HOW CAN I GET 7200000NTD  FROM MY FRIENDS?!?!?! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! I REALLY GOT NOTHING TO DO!!

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  1. Still, awfully sloppy…

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    Dated as per teacher's requirements (10/3-7) ✓
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