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2012年10月5日 星期五

Big Win Day 3

Day 3, Friday morning, it was a day like before, but I was keeping an eye on the winning numbers of the lottery! Because I heard that the money of lottery’s award has raised to 1,000,000NTD!! At night, I was excited and waiting for the news to tell me the lottery numbers! 8:00P.M.!!! The lottery news started! I was so afraid that I will either win or lose, so I told my mother to check it for me, but she didn’t really want to do it for me, because she still thinks it’s a bad idea to keep other people’s thing. Meanwhile I was still nervous that I will either win it or lose it, because it’s 1000000NTD!!

"KEVIN!!!" mom shouted.

"……what…………" I replied.

"TELL MAMA THE TRUTH!!  WHERE DID YOU GET THIS LOTTERY??" mom cried with a shocking sound.

"Well… near our school" I answered.

"LIAR!!! BECAUSE YOU GOT ALL THE NUMBERS RIGHT!!!" mom shouted with discredit feelings. 


"NO!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING" mom shouted again!

I quickly ran to my mother, and MAN, I WON THE LOTTERY!!!

I WON 1000000NTD!!!! I was jumping around in my house, can’t even stop, because I was just too happy to win this lottery, but I have to wait until the next day to get the money from the government.

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  1. Ok job, but it looks sloppy. Too many things in all caps, too many exclamation points. Just… sloppy.

    ≥2¶s (5 sentences/¶) ✓
    Dated as per teacher's requirements (10/3-7) ✓
    Plot is per teacher's requirements ✓
    Shows professionalism/sophistication x
    Clear grammar/mechanics x
    Includes TOAST elements ✓