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2012年10月3日 星期三

Big Win Day 1

Dear Diary: 
Today is Wednesday, I woke up in the morning and felt the sunlight shining into my windows. The A.C. was nice and cool in my bedroom with and beautiful skies appearing out there; Yep! It's another plane and usual. Got off my bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face, I grabbed my iPad and my bag then I left my house. Tim Kao was waiting for me at the breakfast shop waiting for me to buy breakfast first, then we took a take taxi to school together, When we arrived at Chientan, we again went to go to 7-11, because Tim Kao brought to buy water everyday, then we walked into TAPA around 8:09A.M.!

Class started, I ate my breakfast in Mr.Caldwell's class, I was very sleepy, because I did my homework and studying for my SAT until 4:00A.M., “WHY DID THE EUROPEANS TREAT THE NATIVE AMERICANS BADLY?" Mr. Caldwell cried. I woke up by his loud voice, and didn't even dare to sleep again in the next 70 minutes. During lunch time, I went to eat "China Ah-Hua noodle" with shrimp, pork, and squid in it, and "China Sterbooks's chocolate ice blended", and of course the class starts at 12:15, so I got back to school, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BELL RING!" Tony shouted when school ended, I left the school tiredly, hoping to have a bed right outside the school, so I could sleep right away, chatted with the guard for around 50 minutes, and I went back to my house by bus, then ran into my bedroom then lay there like a dead person.  After an hour or so, I woke up, because I still had lots of Mr. Caldwell's, Mr. Webb's, and Mr. Casey's HW to do, after that, I rested again, so I turned on my computer, then start to read the best book ever on earth, which is called "Facebook", but unfortunately, it was same as the other days, nothing cool, nothing special, EVERY post is about love, how a girl was ditched by a guy, blah blah, blah. So I continue to do my homework until 12:00A.M., then I called it a day!

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  1. So many exclamation marks… calm down. Also, you probably meant a "plain" day, not a "plane" day. Gotta proofread a bit more. But a good start.

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