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2012年9月26日 星期三

SAT!! #7

Extenuating <adj> – it’s excusable, cut down guilt’s.  I was NOT a good boy when I was young, I do wrong things every minute, but every time when I say sorry, then my mom or dad will decrease the punishments, so I found a gif of extenuating! 

Fallacy <n> - FAILING!!  Or wrong belief.   I know this word already, so I brought a cooooool gif!  

Fascism <n> - a governmental system that’s ruled by supreme leader. Fascism sounds like false them, so when I think of this word, I’ll think of Fascism, which are false leaders that’s very supereme!

Firmament <n> - the sky and heaven. Firmament is the Sky in the bible, I remember that I heard this word from Mr. Norton’s Religion 2 class, and this word means sky. 

Fortuitous <adj> - accidental, lucky, by chance. Fearious, is the first word that come into my brain when I see this word, this GIF that I found is a really cool one, because it’s REALLY VERY fearious! The car almost bump the man that’s walking on the sidewalk!

Frugal <adj> - saving, being economical. When I look at this word, the first thing I will think of is the word “fragal” means easy to break, so if I want to save money, then I must not break any fragal things, or else I need to pay for it!

 Furlough <n> - vacation. Furlough sounds like “for laugh”, so when will we have laughters??  Of course it’s when we are having fun in a vacation, so when I think of this word, I’ll think of vacation!

Fungible <adj> - alternative, can be replaced. Obama CAN be replaced if he did a bad job! 

Genocide <n> - it’s like the Holocaust, which KILLS lots of people! This word was stuck in my brain, because we had focused on this topic for 9 weeks last year, It’s a really terrible war, I dislike it VERY much. 

Germane <adj> - closely relationship, related. I know this word already, so I found a picture that’s related to each other.

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  1. Dude, a lot of these were good, but you're off on your words. Supposed to go from "extenuating" to "germane". Fix it and resubmit. 0 for now, but work on it.

  2. Half the writing in this is black, so I can't read it. Fix it and resend it to me. Still 0/10