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2012年9月19日 星期三


Exasperation(n) - irritated, angry. I know this word already,but I found a LOL GIF picture of what I will do if I’m angry! :D

Enmity (n) – blame on someone, dislike a person. This word just looks so alike enemy for me! So if a guy is my enemy, then I will blame him, and DISLIKE him!

Epitome(n) - perfect example of something. As this picture shows, this lady that wears black tells the blue, lady that she's perfect, but i don't know what did that blue lady do, but i believe it's something PERFECT!!

Emulate(v)– follow the example, simulation. This word makes me think of the wordsimulate, which means the copy, and imitate, so that’s how I memorize it.

Exemplary(adj) – model of something, being the best. YOU GOOD! 'EX'CELLENT 'PLAY'!

Esoteric(adj) – mysterious. This word sounds like “is tear it”. There will be no mysteriousif you tear the gift. So of course, your parents will not let you tear thegift, or else there will be no mysterious, then your face will become likethis.

Enhance(v) – improve, make brighter, upgrade. The first time that I saw this word isin iPhoto, there’s a buttom that says enhance, at first, I didn’t kow what doesit mean, then I try to press it, and I find out that the picture got brighterand more clear, so I guess it’s improving the quality of the picture. Then Isearched this word, and find out im right! Cool picture of enhance!!

Ephemeral(adj) – short-lived. Life istooooooooo short! Gotta protect our dreams, and do what we want to do!

Epic(n) – a long poem about actions of great men or women’s history. I don’t reallyknow how to memorize this word, so I kind of make it up. If a person writes a great thing thathe or his friends did in the past, then I think it’s an epic fail, because peoplewon’t actually do that.

Enervating(v) – very weak, tired. Ener is part of the letters in the word Energy, so thisword is about “ener”gy “va”nquish,which means energy, is beaten. Soit’s tired and weak.

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  1. Epic was weird. A couple of them were really short, too. 8/10