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2012年9月11日 星期二


Diatribe – (n) to abuse someone orally, and libel them.“DIA” sounds like pig in Taiwanese, so I’ll use pig tribe to memorize this word.

by the way, we shouldn't diatribe other people, its mean and rude!

Disenfranchised – (v) deprive privileges that are right.“Dis” “French” when the government dislike French people, then they will deprive privileges. (This thinking might be wrong, but that’s how I memorizethis word, because I cant think of other connections…

Elucidate – (v) make things clear. I choose this picture isb ecause that I think when a person wants to make things clear, then he/sheneeds to look like that cat, so his/her friends or classmates will believe inhim/her more.

Empathy – (n) care and know people’s feeling in a mental way. Hold each other’s hands, figure out the problems together.

there are many ways to car about other people, and feel their feelings, but i think that holding hands and talk together is the best way of empathy.

Divergent – (adj) separate, variant. When you “Dive” “urgent” into the water, then the water will divergent, and variant. i think this picture is cool, because it's GIF, and it's D I V E that are diving into the water, and it actually does have a little divergent when the letters fall in to the water

Digression – (v) out of topic. I know this word already, soI don’t want to crash my brain for this word, so I brought a cute picture!! :D

Diligent – (adj) In this picture, this guy is very hard working, I'll think of intelligent when I think of this word.

Disdain – (v) been scorn or been forgotten. I know this word already, but I found a cool GIF that expresses this word!

Eclectic – (adj) varies of sources. I choose this picture is because i think that this word looks like electic, and electic can come from lots of different sources, solar, wind, water...etc

Discredit – (v) to not believe in someone. I’ll think ofdecrease credit of a person, and then I’ll not believe him/her.

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