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2012年9月11日 星期二

English ll Whiteboards Pop Quiz Kevin Chien's 100% Quiz.

  1. Normalizing - a standardization, return to normal.
  2. Source - it's a starter or a origin, that pulls the model into action.Message - it's a communication between man and man, but the important of it is not if the conversation make sense, but if the words are sent out and recieved.
    Receiver - a guy that needs to be like a receptor, which receives another person's information.
    3. Iceberg - its a principle
    4. Suspension of disbelief - a guy that wants to enjoy his life, and to STOP HIS CRITICAL FACULTIES, then believe in things that don't have any logic.
    5. Metamorphosis means to change, and I think the "change" in this story is that when Gregor changed into a tremendous cockroach looking thing, which looks gross.