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2012年8月21日 星期二


(v) Abbreviate – to make something shorter.

This picture is showing that we can shorten the words that we say often in life, for example BRB means Be right back.

(n) Abstinence – control 阿! 不要死 (these chinese character sounds like abstinence when we read it, and it means don’t die!)

(adv) Ad hoc - fastly solved, and quickly finished
This picture is showing that a boy and a girl is fighting, and of like you see, the girl is shouting very loudly, so the boy just push her away, so she can't talk!

(adj) Ad hominem – to make fun of someone; personal attack. 吼 你笨 means stupid in Chinese, and it sounds like ad hominem.

(n) Adulation – high praise

Don Francisco is a singer, people praise him, but i don't.

(n) Adversity – bad luck, disaster
“ad”vertisement all o”ver” the c”ity” IT’S A DISASTER!!!!!

(n) Anecdote – interesting story Annie dote a dog.
I found the picture on the internet, this girl is called Annie, and dote means loves, so Annie dote ths dog.

(adj) Anachronistic – over date
ANA airlines are over date, last time i took their plane, and they have no TV, so i connect it to Anacharonistic.

(n) Amicable – peace “ami”go! “K”abel!

amigo means friend in spanish, and Kabel is our teacher before, so these 2 add to together makes me think of amicable.

(adj) Benevolent – very kind, benefitBenevolent makes me think of benefit.

(n) Antagonist – 按他頭去死sounds like Antagonist in Chinese, means press his head until he die! if you dislike a perosn, then you can press his head until he dies (just kidding, it's too violent)

(n) Archetype - the most original one. 19th century old arch, type

(adj) Arid – dryIt's super dry as we can see, it's because this place had not rain for a while, so that's why it's that dry, and plus the sun is strong, so that's one of the reason that makes it that dry.

(adj) Assiduous – As I do us. do everybody’s jobs
doing everybody's job makes her tired, so that's when i think of this word, i will connect to this picture.

(n) Asylum – sanctuary 愛死你們sounds like Asylum, love you guysall for giving me a sanctuary.when we found a sanctuary or people gave us a place to live, then we should love them a lot, so it makes me think of Asylum when i think of love.

(adj) Austere – being very thrifty, us tear
as you can see, saving money is the best police in life, so we should be thrifty.

(adj) Banal – ordinary, ban all.
NO everything!

(adj) Bellicose – likes to fight
Powerpuff girls likes to fight, because they wanted to save people, so when i think of this word, i'll think of them.

(adj) Anonymous – Ah! No names!
when people write a story, they dont put their real name into the story, they will put an anoymous in it.

(n) Blasphemy – show something that is holy. Sounds like Bless for me.
these cute innocent babies are just like me, they care about each other, it's holy.

(n) Bohemian – an artist that lives an unconventional life. Sounds like Boring man…
he looks tired and bored, i bet his life is bored, and he has a unconventional life.

(v) Censure – blame on someone or something. Connect to “sure”quote on quote.
these 2 girls are pointing at each other, which i dont know why, but i think it's because that they are censuring something.

(adj)Circuitous – indirect, roundabout. Connect to Circlecontinuous.
this picture is soooooo cool, and desgined well. it's curved very beautiful, and looks like lots of circles, so that's why i chose this picture.

(n) Clairvoyant – look far. Connect to Clear voyage.
Tiger Woods is a very famous golf player, he's looking at his ball which is miles away, so i think that he has a great eyesight.

(v) Collaborate – to work together.
I really like this picture, but it's 100% showing the team work of lots of people, and it's 100% presenting how people collaborate to finish this puzzle.

(n) Compassion – mercy, compassion. “co”(together) pass, help pass together.
this lady is helping this old man over his bad life, and i think that's a great example of mercy, which is compassion.

(n) Canard – purposely made a mistake. Connect to the word “coward”.
this purple dog that oftenly shows up on Cartoon Network is always very scared of things, so i think he's a bit coward, and it makes me connect to canard.

(adj) Chronic – continuously having trouble in life. Sounds
when people is crying, theres only 2 reasonable possiblities.
one is that she's sad, and one is because that she's touched by the movie or a book, and so when i think of Chronic, it'll makes me think of crying.

(n) Camaraderie – friend. Sounds like Cameron & Terry.
we need friends in our lives, and Cameron and another find of mine called Terry are my best friends, so when i think of them, then my brain will connect to this word, camaraderie.

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