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2012年2月18日 星期六

"Jug of Silver"

This story uses the third person limited point of view to write this story. For me, I think the story is pretty interesting; “Jug of Silver” this story’s narrator should be Mr. Marshall’s nephew.
I liked the ending of the story, the boy’s thought, and also the idea that the author thought of using a young boy’s point of view to describe this story, so this story can be more pure and also have more funnier and more innocent ideas, and I think another reason that they’re using a young boy’s thought to describe this story, is because that young kids have lots of wonderful and crazy imaginations, so it’ll make the story more attractive. Especially the part when the young boy was trying to find a way out to win the prize, and I guarantee this part attracts the readers to guess whether what prize will he got, or will he even get a prize, and I think that part is just so cute, I really like this story’s architecture.

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  1. Score (non-TOASTed): 8/10. Apologies for not grading this sooner!