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2012年2月13日 星期一

5 Languages of LOVE!

    For me, my 5 love languages test’s result are 8 Physical Touch, 7 Quality Time, 7 Words Of Affirmation, 3 Gifts, and 5 Acts Of Service. When I see this result, in that moment, I find out that it’s so true!!! Especially the physical touch, I really don’t know why, since I was born, I was always been protected, so I was used to be hugged, and I think that’s why I LOVED it when Stephanie hugs me. And the words of affirmation is so true too, because I am a person that likes it when people encourages me, especially when I am doing something, and if a person says that I did a bad job, I will purposely do a worst job to make that person angrier, but if someone says that I did a great job, I will put all my effort to finish the work as fast as possible, so words of affirmation is really important for me.

    Quality of Time is also a very important for me too, because for me, time=accompany. I really like to spend time with friends and family’s to promote feelings, in my big family, we eat together on every Saturday night, and I think this idea is so great, because it’s just perfect for me, because, I need time for me to like someone, no matter is friends or family. Last summer, when my cousin came back from The States, and she only gave me a pretty expensive gift that I really wanted, but then, she left 2 days after, even though, she gave me a gift a really wanted, I appreciated, but I am not really happy, because I like to interact with people, not just giving gifts to bribe me.

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  1. TOAST Score (see for more info): 12/12.

    T: 3/3.
    O: 2/2.
    A: 2/2.
    S: 2/2.
    T: 3/3. So have you thought about the touch things with like other guys? (I don't mean anything gay either.) Like David Lin is probably high on touch too, so do you guys like fake fight or whatever? Because that probably fits in there.