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2012年1月22日 星期日

Human and Person

Are Human and Person the same? People might think Person and Human are the same; they’re just named differently, just like my mom, when I went home, I asked my mom, can you tell me the differences between people and human? And she was like, WHAT?!?! Is that a funny trick question? And I also asked my dad, he said: “aren’t they just named differently, but having the same meaning? But I don’t think they are the same. In the dictionary, the definition of “human” is of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: human frailty. And the word “people” means a human being, whether man, woman, or child: The table seats four persons. For me, to be a human, but not a man is NOT have a human look body, but having a thought of man that’s inside it. Since I’m a cartoon watcher, I’m going to use some examples from the cartoons. Just like Shrek, Simpson family, toy stories…etc. all of these cartoons do not have the body shape of a “human”, but have the thought of “person”. If we use an example on human beings, it’s actually quite easy. We are all “person”, but if we are doing things that are very very evil or disrespecting God, then we are NOT “HUMAN”.

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  1. TOAST Score (see for more info): 6/12.

    T: 2/3. Proofread!
    O: 0/2. I don't think you listened to our discussion from class.
    A: 2/2.
    S: 0/2. Couple things: I hate the colored backgrounds and colored font. Only highlight stuff that is IMPORTANT—not the entire thing. Same with the font color. Secondly, what the heck is with these pictures? What is the point? And why the last one? Inappropriate for school, guy.
    T: 2/3.

    Kevin, please only post ONE blog post for this; you have SIX "human vs people" posts. Just do one!