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2011年12月6日 星期二

"Big Fish" VS "Life of Pi"

“Big Fish” is a terrific movie. It’s a movie that we can learn a lot in it, at first, I was thinking, WHAT?? A movie writing about big fish?! So I seriously do not want to watch this movie, but as the movie continues, I find out, this story is a very interesting story, funny, touches my heart, and doesn’t make me want to sleep! 

If I compare “Life of Pi” with “Big Fish”, I will totally choose “Big Fish”, because it’s more interesting than “Life of Pi”, and also, “Big Fish” does not have a disgusting and weird ending like “Life of Pi”

The most similar thing in both stories is “the water”, because both of these stories do with water, one is living “on” the water, and one is living “in” the water. Another one is that the Japanese do not believe Pi’s story, and Edward never believe his son! Both non-fiction stories have animals in it too.

I like the part that when Will likes a girl, so he works for the circus guy, and the circus guy tell him one thing of the girl that he likes. I think that part is fantastic. And I also like Karl, I can not believe that Karl is this kind of tremendous human being.

I think these two stories taught me a lot, and it’s really worth to take a try to think all about it.