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2011年10月4日 星期二


In Life of Pi this story, it talks about that people thinks religion is as same as zoos. Because animals don’t have freedom in the zoo, they can’t go anywhere that they wanted to go, because they are just stuck in the fence, but that’s what we think, do the animals think that too??  Maybe they like being in the fence, because people treat them well, and will feed them when they are hungry. Animals need to follow the laws which human beings on this earth need it too. We have the right to choose our own religion, but choosing the right and wrong religion is another important thing too. But in my own belief, I feel very safe in every second of my life, because I know that God is protecting me in every single second!

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  1. TOAST Score: 10/15.

    T: 1/3. Gotta watch that grammar, Kevin! When you talk about people, that's plural, so you have to make the verb "think" instead of "thinks". Also, quite a few fragments there. Work on that more!
    O: 1/2. Not much depth.
    A: 3/3.
    S: 2/2.
    T: 3/5. Seems rushed. How much work did you put in this?