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2011年10月16日 星期日


In my family, my mother is the queen of the house, which is the ALPHA. It’s not because my mother is stronger or more tuff then my father, is that my father is a person that is ok with anything, sometimes it’s kind of annoying, but sometimes it’s kind of cool, the annoying part is that we really need to choose a restaurant to go eat for lunch, and my mother and I will choose out 3 or 4 restaurants for him to choose, and he will never pick one!! But the cool part is that he’s cool, he can eat anything that we deceive or choose with no complains.

In the school, I am kind of the ALPHA of our small group. Which are the group of David Lin, Amy, Minnie, Samantha, Stephanie and me. To be honest with you, they all are like my dad; no one will choose the place that we are going to go, or the place that we are going to eat in lunchtime. But Stephanie is the only person that will sometimes support and suggest me to go eat where or where to hang out~

Famous person on this world: 
STEVE JOBS! Every time I say this name, I will bow to him and say thank you to him in my heart! He is not only a hero! He is brave, cool, powerful, and smart! There are lots of things that i learned from him, especially the live healthy, because look at him... 56 years old... DEAD! for me, i am really sad, because we as the whole earth lost a very smart guy... NOT COOL! But the biggest thing that he teaches me is that “STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH” this quote really gives me lots of strength in my life, specially in the time that I am sad or the time that I am hating school, so he is the coolest ALPHA for me!!

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  1. TOAST Score: 17/20.

    T: 3/4. Not bad.
    O: 4/5. Two pretty good examples, but what do you REALLY know about Steve Jobs? Research a bit into how he "led" people in China... remember, people follow an alpha because they want to, not because they're forced to.
    A: 4/4.
    S: 2/2.
    T: 4/5.