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2011年9月25日 星期日

The Unbelievable Story!!

9/9, my birthday that night, my family and me went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner, when we went into that restaurant, the boss was standing out there welcoming us, we sat down, the boss said can order the Combination A Set Meal, which includes steak, shark fin, bird’s nest, lobster, and Japan Scallops and it costs $9999 for each person; well, my dad said ok, so he ordered 3 for himself, my mom and me!
10 minutes later, the lobster came first, it was so tasty, tender, and juicy, but the size was so small, only...80g, then it’s the lobster, it came from Boston, it was not big, but it’s so fresh and tasty, then comes the shark fin soup, it was so delicious,  I really feel sorry for the sharks, and hated the people that killed the sharks, but I still enjoyed eating it, so it’s kind of weird, the Japan scallop was so tremendous, very soft, you can just suck it in your mouth without even chewing them, last it’s the bird’s nest with dates, it’s sweet in a natural way, and tasty too.
When we finish this meal, it was 10:30 P.M. already, we stood up from our chairs, the boss was happy that we enjoyed it, and kept saying thank you, when we are almost walking outside the restaurant, I stopped.
Kevin: Dad, did you pay yet?
Dad: No
Kevin: Then shouldn’t you go pay it?
Dad: Nah, I don’t want to.
Kevin: What?!?!
Boss: Yeah! Today night I PAY! Because it’s your BIRTHDAY!!           
Kevin: …………………………. T…h…a…n...k…s…
Boss: No Problem!

I still didn’t know the truth until now… but I think my dad did pay it……

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  1. TOAST Score: 6/10

    T: 2/3.
    O: 0/0.
    A: 1/3. How was that unbelievable?
    S: 1/1.
    T: 2/3.