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2011年9月10日 星期六

Chapter 6!!!!!!!

Everybody wanted the pearl. Kino was so afraid, Because of the bad guys that wanted the pearl, so he went to a mountain and live in a small cave. Sadly Coyotito died by fighting with the bad guys. Their parents were so sad, and decided to throw the pearl away. I didn't actually expect that Kino will die and their parents will throw the pearl away

, and I think it's a very sad ending.

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  1. TOAST Score: 6/25.

    T: 3/5. 
    O: 0/5. "I think it's a very sad ending." So what?
A: 1/5. 
This is not even 1 paragraph, let alone 2.
    S: 2/5. 

    T: 0/5. Mama can't be proud of this.