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2011年9月6日 星期二

Chapter 5

Juana wanted to throw the pearl away, because she thought the pearl brought  bad lucks to them. But Kino stole it away from her, became to a half god half angry guy. When they wanted to go back to their house, they were shocked, they saw their house was on fire. Fortunately, Coyotito was fine. So at last, they went to Tomas's house to take a break, and promise to leave as soon as possible!

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  1. TOAST Score: 7/25.

    T: 3/5. 
Bad "lucks"? Are you looking over at this before submitting?
    O: 0/5. 

    A: 1/5. The assignment—Write 2 ¶s. This was barely 1.
S: 3/5. 

    T: 0/5. I'm going to have to keep giving you poor scores for poor work.