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2012年12月6日 星期四

LAST vSAT!! #17

Trepidation (n) - kind of being fear or afraid of something. I really couldn't find a way to memorize this word, but I found a GIF that fits this word 100%, and I think that GIF is cool! :D 

Ubiquitous (adj) - nothing special, a thing that you can see or buy anywhere you go. Ambiguous is the first that went into my mind when I look at this SAT word. Ambiguous means not clear, so how I memorize this word is by thinking that “for me, I’m not clear why there are things that are same everywhere”

Unwieldy (adj) - way toooooo big, super heavy, and very hard to handle. Is there a word called unwide?? And means not wide?? If there is, I can easily connect it to this word unwieldy. If you are unwide, then you cant win a super heavy person when you’re in a fight with him.  

Usurp (v) - to steal, take things that doesn't belong to us. If you read this word faster, it 
will kind of sound like “you suck”, so I’ll connect it with usurp by thinking that only people 
that sucks will steal things or take things that doesn’t belong to us!

Venerable (adj) - honorable. This word is a cool word for me, because I remember last year when I’m taking a suffixes and prefixes class, we have a test book, and I don't know why I’ll always turn to the page that has the word venerable unintentionally, so I had a very strong memory of this word. 

Vindicate (v) - to defend, and say what is right. Indicate means to express your feelings, or show. And vindicate means to defend, and say what’s right. So you can use this way to memorize, We shouldn't vindicate (defend) when other people are indicating (expressing themselves) them self to us.

Visage (n) - facial, appearance. If you read this word faster, then this word might sounds like “this age”. How I memorize this word is by thinking in this age, ladies thinking that their appearances are even more important than their interior, lots of Korean girls will go do lots of plastic surgeries and other medicine to make them more beautiful or keep them young, it’s kind of stupid for me, because I think that a person’s connotation is more important than the outlook.

Wallow (v) - just trying to be happy. Is this word swallow’s brother or sister????  They look so alike!!  Anyways, when I’m bored in Mr. Caldwell’s class, I can’t play games on my iPad or use Facebook, so I’ll swallow my saliva to make myself happy and awake. 

Wary (adj) - watch out of something, something in danger and needs to be check once 
and a while. Vary means change, wary means watch out. These words are like cousins too. The way that I memorize this word is by thinking we need to wary the varies that’s gonna happen in the next second. 

Zeal (n) enthusiasm, present our love to other people. Seal is a very cute animal that lives in very cold places. The best way for us to present our love to them is to save the earth by drive less, eat more vegetable than eat meat, stop cutting trees… etc. 

2012年11月30日 星期五

vSAT #16

Substantiate-(v) to verify, get something proofed. PROVE IT! One of my teacher loves to say this word when us the students said something to him, it’s annoying, because we always need to think of how to prove it, but it’s sometimes interesting that we can think more about the questions that we asked. So I found a picture that I think it fits him 100%!

Subtle-(adj) hard to figure out. Subtitle is the first word that come into my brain, when you watch a japanese movie, and there’s no subtitle, I dont think ANYONE that’s not japanese can figure out what’s the movie is talking about, so I’ll connect this word to subtle, which is hard to figure out.

Sufficient-(adj) enough about something. I LUVVVVVV this gif! It made my laugh around 1 minute. It shows how pictures are not enough when compare to GIF. There’s a word that I know before it sounds like sufficient, but it’s not the word sufficient, I forgot the spelling of it, and the word that I said means fast and speedy. So I’ll connect it to this word via when people are doing things rapidly, then other people will be enough of it!

Superficial-(adj) people that only look at other people’s outlook, instead of their interior. Super facial are the words that I taught of. So when a person only looks at other people’s “facial” (face, outlook), then that person is a superficial guy. I found a pic that represents how people will act when they saw a beautiful lady. 

Superfluous-(adj) kinda like not necessary needed. This word looks like super flower to me, in our lifes, we need lot of things, some are necessary, and some are not, but one thing that I can be very sure of is that we 100% do not need a super beautiful flower in our lives, it’s useless. So I’ll link these 2 words together. :D

Taciturn-(adj) a very silent person, doesn't really talk. Timmy Lu, Michael Lee, Jonathan Halperin, Steven Tien & most handsome guy KEVIN CHIEN. MAN!!! These people are the “most” taciturn people in TAPA. They “never talk” in school! I found a pic of what they “always act” when they’re in school. (it’s a joke)

Tactful-(adj) knows how to say no in a more beautiful way. It’s hard to say no to people, because you might think that it will hurt their feelings or hurt the relationship between u and them, so I think being tactful is a good thing that we should learn. So in this time, you need to be tact, which means smart and think fast, so you can handle the situation, and solve the awkwardness of you saying “NO!”

Tangent-(adj) touching a point on a intersect, a point that can never be changed. I just saw this word in our geometry textbook. There’s a problem that has the word tangent in it, how I memorize this word is by separating this word into 2 parts, one is tan, and one is ur”gent”. So when I’m on the beach, and mi starting to get tan, and what I’ll do is I’ll urgently find a place that has intersection of cliffs or trees, so there will be shadows for keeping me away from the sun. 

Tenacious-(adj) tough, be strong. Ten actions are the words that I taught of. So as the picture has shown, there are 8 actions, (sorry I cant find 10 actions), Anyways, I’ll call a person tenacious when he can do ten actions in 5 seconds, kinda weird way to remember, but I made it! XD

Transient-(adj) last for a very short moment, a very fast time. Transcend is a company that makes USB, memory cards, and other electric things. So I’ll use transcend to memorize transient by thinking that their thinks SUCKS! Only can use for a very short moment. (which is not true)

2012年11月23日 星期五

SAT!! #15

Sagacity - a person full of knowledge, and knows everything, but he/she is not a genius of a smart person when he/she was born. I separate this word into 2 parts, one is saga, and one is city, I believe anyone that has a Nintendo device will know there’s a company called “Sega” their games are soooooo fun, especially race car games and build city games, so I’ll connect it to this word, which means only knowledgable people are capable to make these games.

Sanguine - optimistic, and always think healthy and happy. I really dunno how to memorize this word, so I just memorize it by its looking. I found this cool pic that shows how healthy and optimist you can be when your old or sick.

Sans - without….. Vans is the first word that I think of when I look at this word, I’m actually not a big fan of Vans, but one of my friends is, he’s like IN LOVE with Vans, as I know, he had at least 10 Vans in his house, for me, that’s crazy, so for him, without Vans is like telling him to go die. 

Schadenfreude - be happy, but it’s in a way that makes people want to hit them! When a person pronounces  the word “schadenfreude” wrong on the stage , he/she is already very embracing  and you still laugh at him/her, that’s schadenfreude!   RUDE!!!!!!   (best GIFs ever on earth!!)

Scrutinize - carefully checked. First part of this word “scru” sounds like the word “screw”, so when a person doesnt want other people to say “screw you!” to himself/herself, then he/she should carefully check if there’s any mistake that he/she did.    (I love this GIF that I found!)

Shrewd - sharp, clever, and understand a lot.  “Shrewd”, if you read it slow, it actually does sounds like “she screw you”, so if you dont want anyone to screw you(which doesnt really make any sense) but anywayzzzzzzzzzz, then u need to be sharp and clever.   I need to think of better explanation of this and the last word :O

Sovereignty - a person that’s like a King, Queen, or boss, they have rights to control people’s life or future things. I found a pic of Kim Jong-Il, the North Korean leader. His rule is very easy, you follow what he says, then u live; u dont, u die. Dont be like him when you grow up!!! AIN’T COOL!

Spontaneity - to approach automatically, when people want to fart, they WON’T pull off their pants and fart, cuz it’s weird, people will just do things naturally. When you sleep, you will want to yawn; when you are hapy, you will want to laugh, it’s a natural thing that people will do to represent how they feel. So I found a great GIF that’s funny, and by the way, I dont think a “normal” cat will do that……….

Spurious - MADE IN CHINA!! (fake) FAKE LV bags, FAKE ROLEX watches, even FAKE BMW cars!!!  ALL THOSE CAN BE MADE AND SALE IN CHINA. I was seriously shocked when I see a fake BMW in china -______- it was just unbelievable! How I memorize this word is by looking at the first 2 letters of this word, it’ll make me think of the word stupid, so only stupid people will fake up a fake BMW-________-

Submissive - to follow, and be ready to do things. Submit is the first word that I thought of when I look at this word, and of course, when I heard of the word submit, I will think of Mr. Caldwell’s US History class, we need to submit homework via moodle almost single day, so I’ll know that submissive means the follow, and to be ready to submit or do anything! :D

2012年11月15日 星期四

vSAT #14

Rancor (n) - hatred, anger!  I found this cool gif is about a guy that’s dancing weirdly??? And it represents haters gonna hate it! How I memorize this word is by reading this word faster, so it will sound like “dancer” and which I can connect to this gif! :D

Recession (n) - economic depression, decrease, decline. Look at this guy, I don’t think ANYONE can be more depressed than him, he looks like that he just gone through a fight with his girlfriend, got caught because of plagiarizing other people’s work, and using FB in school at the SAME TIME! I think he needs to “re” “decision” means re-think what he should do next time, so he wont be that depressed again! 
Reclusive (n) - living in a place that’s in the deep mountains. I found a pic that’s a house in the deep mountains, there are actually more pics that’s similar to this pic, and it makes me wanna actually live in this kind of house in the future! How I memorize the is by separating this word into parts, re means again; clu, makes me think of clue, so if there’s a clue, and you really should re-think again.


Reconciliation (n) - make something compatible with something. INCOMPATIBLE??? Duh~~ of course are Apple and Windows! I really think that they should collaborate and make one device, program, or app, because there are things that I like from Apple and Windows too, but I couldn't use them in the same time! So I think they should “re” “collaborate” (looks like collaborate for me) and create a new invention! :D 

Redress (n) - recover from injury when doing a sport or anything. This poor guy… he might cannot do lifts in the future, Red Dress are 2 words that’s in this word, and well, I still haven't find out a way to memorize this word… so I just memorized it by memory :/ 

Renovation (n) - restore! Fixed, get better, renew! Look at this sexy car! Bright, new, and clean! I WILL drive my car to the cleaning place, and clean it twice a week! I LUVVVV shinny things, so I will want my car to be shinny and looking new too! :DD  Re evolution are the words that can help me memorize renovation, and how I use them is by thinking that my car can have a new looking or developing by renewing my car! 

Resilient (adj) - restore, recover to the original. iCloud is the best cloud that save things for us whenever we needa restore or revert our devices to original. 

Restrained (v) - control, being limited of something.  Being controlled! As the pic that I’ve found, it shows that cars have speed limits when driving on road. So if cars have limits, us human being has it too, we need to control ourselves and limit the things that we can and cannot do.

Rhetoric (n) - use words in a fluent or fixed way. How should I explain this word???????  Does it mean that we need to make others dont understand what we want to express?? :OO  but anyway, I found a pic that might represents this word. 

Romance (n) - be romantic!  I dont know how to explain this word too, because this word’s definition is still the word romantic! So I found a picture that’s romantic for me, “I don’t want to be near you for the thoughts we share but words we never have to speak” ISNT IT ROMANTIC???  Well… I think it is XDDD  hope I have a chance to say these words and walk on the beach with my girlfriend or wife! :DD 

2012年11月9日 星期五

vSAT #13

Pretentious (adj) - important to someone!  This girl in the gif is saying that the guy that she’s looking at is important. How I memorize this word is by separating this word into 2 parts. The first half of the word looks like pretend, so I’ll just connect it as I’ll pretend that he/she is important to me! :D  simple and easy to connect them! :DD

Procrastinate (v) - to delay something. How I connect this word is by looking at the middle of this word, which is the word crast (looks like air”craft”) so of course, airplanes ALWAYS DELAY!! Often makes me crazy! So I brought a pic of aircraft delay.

Profligate (adj) - wasting something that is not necessary. Flight gate is the word that I think of when I look at this word. EVERY TIME when I walk through the path between the gate and the airplane, it’s ALWAYS so cold! I think it’s soooooooo waste of money! So I brought a pic that represents it!

Provocative (adj) - talk talk talk  ALWAYS talking! Annoying!!  A person that’s “PRO” at active, then must be very annoying and noisy. I have a friend that’s always talking, he’s not mentally challenged, but just LOVES to talk, most of the times I feel that he’s funny, but sometimes he’s just toooooo noisy== so I’ll be annoyed by him.

Prudent (adj) - being carful of something or someone. Prudential Award is a award that we can apply for the community service hours that we did! So I’ll connect it to when we are being careful and helping people, then we will win this award! 

Pugnacious (adj) - FIGHT!! Pig is the word that I think of when I look at this word, I heard that pig will always make themselves dirty in the mud, and then fight with other pigs, so that’s why I’ll think of fight can connect to pig. 

Quadrant (n) - 1/4 of a circle  I almost heard this word every time in last year’s Algebra 2 class, so this word was like tattooed into my brain already, but anyway, I found a cool pic!

 Quixotic (adj) -  super romantic.  Quit toxic are 2 words that I think of, so when there’s a accident of a disaster, and there’s a couple in that accident, and when that boy is trying to make those toxic away, then I think its super romantic!  Haha  :DDD  such a cool way to memorize. 
Quantitative (adj) - an amount that can be counted. Quantity is the word that I feel they are alike, sos of course quantity means amount, so quantitative means an amount that can be counted! So I found a pic that represents it!

Querulous (adj) - keep on complaining!! If you look at the letters Q, ulous, u will know that it sounds like “curious” so when a person is keep on BLAH BLAH BLAH ing, then you will be curious of why the heck is he/she keep complaining!